Sunday, April 25, 2010

I'm so domestic.

Right now I am housesitting for my aunt and her dog and cat. This is Railey the dog. Isn't she adorable? I don't have a picture of the Creamsicle the cat
because he doesn't like me.

I was supposed to attend a BL get-together. I whipped up some delicious and healthy treats. This is some "healthy" artichoke dip. Instead of mayonnaise, it has silken tofu and greek yogurt. This is blended artichoke hearts, jalepenos, tofu, and garlic. Then you mix in the yogurt, parmesan cheese, salt, and, if you like things spicy, a little cayenne pepper. Sprinkle more parmesan cheese on the top, and bake. Unfortunately, I was unable to go to the BL happening that night, so I ate the dip myself on tortilla chips. Fancy! (The recipe came from 101 cook books, an awesome recipe site.)

This is what the counter looked like while i was cooking. You will notice all of the most important cooking ingredients. Onions, garlic, and lemon juice. Also, a bottle of kombucha, because my aunt was kind enough to stock the fridge for me before she left. I also made a dish that DJ Kelly Kel and I invented in a campground outside of Santa Cruz on our road trip. Since we managed to make it over a campfire using utensils scavenged from the world's sketchiest thrift store, it's pretty simple. Main ingredient: cous cous. Ooooh look! Green cous cous! Green (or any kind of cous cous, really) is mixed with olive oil, lemon juice, pepper, sauteed onions, garlic, and tomatoes, fresh tomatoes, and if you like it spicy, some (a lot of) pepper flakes. It's even vegan! Next time I think I'll try adding some lentils, and maybe making it with quinoa, so it can be gluten free.

The finished products (I especially love the uber classy cous cous dish):

Friday, April 16, 2010

What's happening in my life right now

1. I went on a moving-back road trip with DJ Kelly-Kel. Highlight: baby elephant seals. 2nd place highlight: beer.
2. Right this second I am sitting in a coffee shop, and they are playing Taylor Swift. Blergh.
3. I am back in Santa Barbara right now, finishing up with school, hanging out with Dan and his ridiculous mustache, and starting my (temporary) job. Note: Dan is not this adorable in real life, because of aforementioned ridiculous mustache.
4. Soon I will be heading to Bothell to housesit for my aunt and her dog and cat.
5. After that (if all goes according to plan) I will move into West Seattle and find a permanent job that pays enough to keep me in beer, bikes and fancy shoes, as well as pay off my staggeringly high student loan debt, but leaves me enough time to ride aforementioned bikes.
6. I also want a worm bin, and I've developed an expensive kombucha habit, so I'm going to learn how to make it.