Friday, February 29, 2008

Live from the 2008 BIA Home Show!

So I've finally jumped on the blogging band wagon. Here are the top six reasons why:

6. Perhaps this will make me a better speller, but I doubt it. (Kelly Walden, feel free to correct my spelling. (Don't, however, correct my grammar.))

5. I went to a workshop on using online social networking to 'build your brand' and number one suggestion for doing so was to start a blog.

4. I don't want Nicole to become more famous than I am, because I feel like that would throw off the dynamic in our relationship a la Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillipe.

3. This blog will be the staging ground for my battle against the font 'Arial Narrow'.

2. Possibly Stephen Colbert will read my blog, ask me to write for his show, and then marry me.

And the number one reason is....I have been at the Home and Garden Show in Lynden for the last five hours, and will be here for the next seven, as well as for eight tomorrow and six on Sunday. Yay for AmeriCorps and its 24/7 committment.

As much as there are things I would rather be doing this weekend, tabling at the Home Show isn't bad. I have talked to 20 or so people who are at least, by my estimation, 200 years old and the guy accross from me is wearing hammer pants, a tye-dye shirt, and he's selling fake crocs and specialty olives. However, one of the nearby booths is selling extendable flag poles, so he has at least FIVE American flags. If you didn't already know, AmeriCorps members are expected to salute American flags whenever they are visible. My arm is very tired from saluting for 5 hours.

I considered starting a blog that consisted of the work journal that I have to keep for AmeriCorps. However, most entries read something like:

Typed names into database. Went to Copy Source.

It was boring enough when I experienced it the first time. No one else needs to. (Ooooh...I ended a sentence with a preposition! Suck on that KJW!)

I think that's enough for a first blog post. Expect 14 or 15 more today, loyal readers.


KJW said...

Grammar I care not about.


I laughed for a while about the 5-hour salute. From now on, I will wear an American Flag t-shirt whenever I am near you.

Nicole Kristine said...

Okay, it didn't accept my comments the first time. Shiz.

Here we go again:

1) Kelly does not have an American Flag t-shirt. I know this for a fact. Lying about the American Flag is almost worse than not saluting it when you see it. Kelly, apologize to the president.

2) Have you told Lulu that you have a blog?

3) Call me because I have an amazing Raden/Jobe dynasty story that involves alcohol and urine.