Tuesday, October 7, 2008

In case you were wondering...

...becoming a graduate student did not make "Physical Hydrology" by S. Lawrence Dingman more interesting.

This book was a required text for one of my undergrad classes. It is now a required text for one of my grad school classes. Judging by how the book creeeeeaked when I opened it, I didn't read it a whole lot the first time around.

As I am now an EXTREMELY DEDICATED grad student, I decided to actually do the reading. However, I have discovered I didn't not read this book because I was a lazy undergrad more interested in going to 80s Night than studying (well, not only), but because it is really, really boring. And I LOVE hydrology.

I was secretly hoping that the simple fact of becoming a graduate student would magically make all scientific literature not boring. Not true. A lot of it is interesting, but a lot of it is still boring. However, my AmeriCorps job did develop my sitting still being bored skills, which I think is an advantage in the reading boring scientific literature department.

In other news, the "hipster" (and by hipster, I mean as hipster as you get in Santa Barbara, that is to say, not very) coffee shop I am now frequenting is playing a really good 80s mix...oh, wait...there's 'Don't Stop Believin'!'. Never mind.

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Lindsay said...

Yay for UCSB updates and life as a college grad!