Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Help me, Stacy and Clinton!

Today I did something I swore to myself I would never do...

I wore shorts and a scarf.

It always seemed so stupid, like wearing Ugg boots and a mini skirt. What's next for me, tall bangs?

But seriously. It is nearly impossible to dress appropriately for the temperature range here. When I wake up and ride my bike to class it is 40 degrees. My first class is in a room at approximately room temperature. By the time this class is over, it is about 72 degrees. Then I have class in the COLDEST ROOM IMAGINABLE. Seriously, it is like 48 degrees. We cuddle in big piles of frozen environmental science grad students while trying to listen to a lecture about global warming. When this class is over, it has warmed up to about 80 degrees so we all go outside and dethaw for 15 minutes before it is time to go back into ice room. After class #2 in ice room, it is now about 95 degrees, and I get back on my bike and ride back to my apartment, where I arrive dripping in sweat. 

I have no idea what to wear in this climate scenario. Hence the extensive, ridiculous, counterintuitive layers. Maybe next quarter one of my seminars will be 'Dressing for Global Climate Change in the Business Setting'. It wouldn't surprise me.

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Nicole Kristine said...

Ricky the Cat never wears shorts and scarves together.