Friday, February 27, 2009

I have bizarre dreams.

Here is a transcription of the dream I had last night.

Context: Kelly came back from Norway slightly
before Christmas, and we were hanging out. This is our exchange.

Lynn: Oh, hey Kelly, welcome back!
Kelly: Good to see you but I can’t hang out for very long.
Lynn: Oh, what are you doing?
Kelly: Scott and I are going shopping.
Lynn: What are you shopping for?
Kelly: Listen to this! Drew’s mom just called me and told me that when I come over there for Christmas, Drew is going to propose! So I am going shopping for wedding flowers.
Lynn: Oh, wow! Congratulations! When’s the wedding?
Kelly: Oh, not for like another year, and don't say anything because the proposal is supposed to be a surprise.
Lynn: Then why are you going flower shopping right now?
Kelly: Oh, Drew’s mom is going to hire a professional photographer to photograph the proposal, and she wanted me to pick out the flowers I want to have in the house, so the proposal pictures match the wedding pictures.

Kelly also informed me that the flowers were 'red, white, and blue, like the American flag'.


KJW said...

I'm glad I'm not having these dreams. Creepy. Almost as creepy as the dream I had the other night where I had hidden two murdered corpses and then lived in constant fear of being arrested. The fear was so horrible that I considered turning myself in, just to get it over with. This is why I don't watch scary movies or read twisted books. Freaking McEwan's The Innocent.

I do like red, white, and blue flowers, but not as much as I like red, white, and blue bandannas and patriotic chest tattoos.

Nicole Kristine said...

I like dream transcriptions. I also like the idea of red white and blue wedding flowers.