Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Get out of my dream...and into my car

I had another dream about my favorite president, BHO.

In this dream, my father (my actual dad, not Obama) had been accused of a crime he did not commit. And I think I was still in high school? Maybe? This part is a little fuzzy. Anyway, my dad was falsely accused of some heinous crime that I believe involved stealing gasoline, a car chase, and someone running over a police officer. Anyway, I was just APPALLED at the idea of going to school the next day, because everyone would think my dad was guilty, and I had more important things to do, like clearing his name. This was obviously a busy and stressful day, so when I finally had time to check my phone, I had three missed calls. Two were from Barack Obama, and one was from Jeff Goldblum. In this universe, this was totally normal because I was not phased at all to have these people in my missed calls. I knew BHO would help clear my father's name, so I immediately attempted to call him back. Unfortunately, I accidently dialed Jeff Goldblum's number. He answered right away and informed me that he had called because the studio was releasing a special edition dvd of Jurassic Park and they wanted the stars to do a commentary track (Apparently, in this universe, I had also starred in Jurassic Park, which is totally awesome and in my top ten movies of all time.). I was like, "Great, Jeff Goldblum, I'm kind of busy right now," but he just kept blabbing on. It was like, come on, Jeff Goldblum, mechanical dinosaurs ARE awesome, but I have to call back the leader of the free world, and save my dad...

I woke up before I could call back Obama, so I guess I'll never know if my dad went down for a crime he didn't commit.

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Lindsay said...

I once dreamed I owned a B&B and Matisyahu stayed there in a basement room that somehow had a great ocean view. He liked it so much he told me to call him "Yahu" for short.