Wednesday, July 15, 2009

texts from today

(509): I asked dan if he wanted to see harry potter tonight. He said maybe. The correct answer is- of course. I'll meet you there in my Hagrid costume.

(360): He didn't say that?

(509): I couldn't believe it. I may have to end things.

(360): I would. You should give him once more chance. Go to the movie dressed as a dementor and see if he can use the right spell to defend himself.

(509): Perfect plan. I was going to go as dobby but this is more important.

(360): It really is. Defense against the dark arts man.

(509): I wish i could go with kris 'luna lovegood' rafferty and jodi 'voldemort' swobodi.

(360): what about nicole whomping willow raden?

(509): You're more of a flying car.

(360): Or a broom stick

(509): Nimbus 2000?

(360): Firebolt


Nicole Kristine said...

That is actually my favorite.

Bec said...

It's about time. I've been waiting and waiting for another post from you, Lynn-t. Seriously.

A-Love said...

This might be the funniest account of real life that I've ever read.