Wednesday, September 10, 2008

In the spirit of moving

Things I will not miss about Bellingham:

- That 2 month period where you never fully dry out.
- Riding my bike up hills.
- Sharazad.
- Running into people I have drunkenly made out with.
- Feeling really old at age 24.
- The way hippies smell.
- Trying to sleep through loud parties/street high jinx on High/Indian Street.
- The people upstairs.

People who have moved away? Anything that you don't miss about Bellingham?


KJW said...

I don't miss the kids who think KUGS is the best radio station on earth.

KJW said...

And I don't miss Geronimo.

Lindsay said...

I don't miss my pant legs dragging through puddles every day, I don't miss scenesters