Friday, September 19, 2008

Update from California

No sea mammal sightings yet.

Some important facts about California/UCSB:
1. The pool has salt water and what appear to be barnacles 
2. Generally, the only people on campus so far are nerdy science students. Hey, other nerdy science students.
3. However, around the edges of campus, (ie the rec center, tennis courts, bagel places, etc.) there are a lot of tools and whores. Hey, tools and whores.
4. I am currently attending 10+ days of orientation, including 'math camp' which we have to attend on Saturday. SATURDAY!
5. There are no hippies in my program. Not one. That's 80 environmental science students, and not one of them has dreadlocks. I might have to grow dreadlocks. That's amazing.
6. Also, there are no hipsters. I went to a locally owned organic coffee shop, and there were no hipsters. However, the barista did have dreadlocks.
7. Everyone here rides bikes, mostly beach cruisers. Except for me. I don't ride a bike at all because mine hasn't arrived yet. Tons of people ride around on their beach cruisers, while drinking coffee and talking on their cell phones. I want to learn to do that.
8. My on campus apartment is farther away from my classes than at any point when I lived off campus in Bellingham. Oh well, at least it's not raining and there are no hills.


KJW said...

Besides the Shamu shortage (and Wamu disaster... ok, that's irrelevant), California sounds FABULOUS.

Do you ever think how "S.B." is kind of like "B.S."?

flanhoodles said...

And how B.S. is kind of like B.J.?

Lindsay said...

Sounds different than Bham, but still good. I'm gonna have to come visit you sometime this year... hahaha Hawaii-California exchange!