Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Things I Do Instead of Writing My Paper That Is Due Tomorrow:
1. Make itunes playlists.
2. Imagine Nicole wearing a crew neck sweatshirt with a picture of Ricky the Special Cat on it.
3. Blog.
4. Look at pictures of Barack Obama holding babies.
5. Try to figure out when the Salt-n-Pepa show is going to be back on the air.
6. Eavesdrop on the people next to me at Starbucks.
7. Remember really funny things that happened at the Barn.
8. Look at pictures of Basset Hounds and picture Brutus learning how to wave.
9. Calculate what score I have to get on this paper in order to pass the class.
10. Make a really intricate schedule for finals week.

1 comment:

Nicole Kristine said...

11) Draw a picture of what you think Ricky looks like without a tail.

12) Make a list of the Christmas presents you are going to buy me.

13) Make a blueprint of the house you and I are going to live in together in our middle age years.

14) Think about Becca-rettes