Tuesday, March 31, 2009


I am currently slightly drunk, it a motel room in Sacramento, having played drinking games with my new (1/2 underaged) UCSB friends.

11 people were on a flight from Seattle to Sacramento, where we were supposed to catch a flight to Santa Barbara. The agents at the ticket counter INSISTED that we would make our connecting flight.

We did not.

We are therefore staying in California's not at all awesome state capital. It's no Olympia, that's for damn sure.

Early in the morning, we are shuttle-ing back to the airport, where we will (hopefully) fly to Santa Barbara in time for me to attend my Group Project kick off. Hopefully.

This is what I get for implying to my professor that I was having plane issues when, really, my plane issues were that the other flights conflicted with my Better Lovers meeting.


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Nicole Kristine said...

I bet none of your new friends are as schnoodely as me.

You can't replace me.