Thursday, November 11, 2010

The end of summer

I had a weird "fall" this year. I'm going from fall weather in Seattle to summer in Santa Barbara and then directly to winter in South Lake Taco.

As I'm leaving for SLT (not to be confused with the SLUT)...gulp...tomorrow, I thought that I should get in some summer weather enjoyment while I still could.

So I went for a little bike ride. I rode up this mountain road that is totally awesome for riding, steep, nicely paved, and hardly any vehicle traffic. I used to ride it all the time on my road bike, but this was the first time I did it on my mountain bike.

I was a little worried that it would be really hard compared to my road bike, but it wasn't bad at all. I even passed someone on a road bike going up. That made me feel like such a bad ass. They'd probably ridden up and down like 12 times, but whatever. I still felt like a bad ass.

Here is a picture I took from the top of the first big part of the hill. That's how high I usually go. I'm not crazy.

The road. Look how nice the pavement is.

Today, I enjoyed the sun by doing yoga in the patch of sun that comes in the window of Dan's living room. Speaking of Dan, here is a picture of him in his Halloween costume. Unfortunately, you can't see his unicorn tail. It was pink and purple yarn and I made it myself.

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