Friday, November 18, 2011

Life update

In bullet form!
  • I moved again. For the third time in the year that I've lived in Tahoe. It was a serious upgrade this time, (and only $15 rent increase!) so hopefully it's the last time for awhile. Our new place is beautiful, furnished, has cable (!), has a garage, and we have the most adorable landlords of all time. They had cake and champagne for us when we signed the lease, and they picked us because we remind them of their daughters. I now have two awesome roommates instead of just one:

  • I think I am going to do this triathlon. It's an off road tri, and I won't have ridden a mountain bike since October, but it sounds like lots of fun. Maybe it will be a reason to start snow biking to get some off road practice in. I started "officially training" for it this week so get ready for training updates. Woo hoo!
  • A couple of my friends are moving to Boulder at the end of November, so I'm thinking of doing a summer road trip out to visit them and doing Iron Girl Boulder. I know Heather has done it. What do you think?
  • My HLP came to Tahoe with her boyfriend and an array of friends for his Dirty Thirty (is this a thing?) party. We had a great time, drank a lot of champagne, and took many, many HLP pictures.

We're the same height!

Because I'm standing in a hole.

Fake teeter totter.

Big chair
  • Snow is coming in this weekend and it's opening weekend at Heavenly (where I have my pass this season). Unfortunately, It's only going to be about an inch, so I'm probably going to avoid opening weekend crowds and focus on moving/un-packing/pre-Thanksgiving potlucking this weekend. But when I get back from Seattle after Thanksgiving weekend, there had better be a big ass snowstorm.

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Heather @ Just a Colorado Gal said...

There must be some Tahoe-Boulder connection--I know some people relocating from Boulder to Tahoe shortly!

And OF COURSE you should do the Iron Girl! Or....think big and join my for the Boulder 70.3! (assuming I'm not too chicken to sign up!)