Tuesday, November 29, 2011

More Shopping than Sweating

Due to a seriously gross case of bronchitis (phlegm...ugh.) and travelling to Seattle to see family & friends for Thanksgiving, I didn't do much working out. I managed to go to yoga on Tuesday, and I'd planned to do some light ellipticalling, but forgot shoes. Oh, well. Judging by how I felt during yoga, cardio would have been a bad idea.

It was great being up in Seattle, hanging with my family, eating the vegetarian Thanksgiving side dishes, and letting my mom buy me socks. I was really running low. The laundromat liked to make my athletic socks disappear.

Another highlight: The Apple Cup. The Apple Cup is the yearly rivalry game between University of Washington and Washington State University. This year, the game was in Seattle, but the Husky Stadium was recently demolished, so the game this year was at Century Link Field where the Seahawks and the Sounders play.

My dad and I at the Apple Cup. I was wearing ski socks, fleece lined tights, jeans, a wool base layer, a hoody, and a down puffy vest. I was prepared for the cold.

My aunt and uncle have had season tickets to the Huskies since 1907 or something ridiculous, so we had awesome, awesome seats.

We were 11th row, at the 50 yard line. I could get used to this kind of lifestyle.

And the Huskies won! Go Dawgs!

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Heather @ Just a Colorado Gal said...

Glad you are feeling better! You should probably enter my giveaway; winning things always makes ME feel better! (Or wait, is that just me?!)