Thursday, May 29, 2008

Life lessons

Oh, VH1, I learn so much from you.

Sometimes, after a long day of defending the Constitution, I am too tuckered out to do anything more intense than sinking into the couch for television time. Today was one of those days.

Previously, I had seen most of the series in bits in pieces, but, today, Thursday, May 29, 2008 I watched all 5 hours of 100 best songs of the 80s. I learned a lot.

Fact #1: One of the girls from Bananarama is married to the other guy from Wham.

Fact #2: First, some backstory. In the last year and a half or so, Jodi and I have noticed that Don't Stop Believin' by Journey has become quite the tool anthem. We wondered why on earth this had occurred out of nowhere. Don't get me wrong, Don't Stop Believin is the perfect tool anthem, but we wondered why on earth this particular song had resurfaced out of nowhere to become the song to which all of the guys in popped collars and cargo shorts ran drunkenly onto the dance floor to point meaningly toward the ceiling along with. Turns out, this song was featured on MTV's the Hills, and soon after, became an itunes top ten song. It all makes sense now.

VH1, whether you are educating me about the Sexual Revolution or Bret Michael's diabetes, I learn something new everyday.


Nicole Kristine said...

Wow. I learn alot from your blog, just like your blog is VH1.

KJW said...

What does VH1 stand for? Tell me that, Drunko.