Tuesday, December 28, 2010

I need a goal

There is a lot of snow here. Snow snow snow. The weather makes me want to sit around in yoga pants and eat night cheese.

So I joined a gym. The gym was started by a famous body builder, and is full of pictures of overly tanned, scarily muscled Mr. and Ms. Olympias (including the Governator). Inspiring.

But I also need a goal. Or two. An one that is more specific than "be a more bad ass downhill mountain biker."

Like this lady.

So my SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, umm....let me look up the rest....oh, yeah...realistic, and timely) goal is to do a triathlon.

In the past, I have done 1.66667 triathlons (the 0.66667 triathlon happened when I got a flat, and was forced to abandon the bike leg). Both were the spectacularly awesome Tri It Out Triathlon put on by two of my favorite people, Michelle and E-Thomps.

Tri it out! Tri it out!

However, this year, I want to tri (get it?) something different. So I think that I'm going to do the
TBF Racing XTERRA Real Mountain Bike Triathlon in Folsom California in March.

So I was looking at a handy free triathlon training plan, and noticed that March is soon! So I jumped into week 3 of the sixteen week plan. Well see how this goes.

Training Goal: 29 minutes bike, 14 minute swim
Actual: 45 minutes bike, 0 minutes swim, lifted: legs and back

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