Monday, September 12, 2011

Triathlon Training - Week 15

It's so soon! Next Sunday.

Here's how triathlon training went for the week:

Goal: Rest/Drive 14 hours
Accomplished: Katie, her HLP Jessica and I did the 14 hour drive from Seattle to Lake Taco in one shot. It was a long drive

Goal: Swim 18, Bike 37
Accomplished: Bike 105. I know I'm supposed to be cutting back before the triathlon, but with the epic road trip, I only got in one workout the previous week, and I was feeling antsy for a nice long ride. I rode Powerline Trail, and like usual, I spent the first half mile cursing myself for picking it due to the deep sand and short but steep uphills, but then things smoothed out and I cruised past the spot where I usually turn around and found out that the trail gets even better! Then I cursed myself for not riding the whole thing all summer.

Goal: 50 minute bike, 18 minute run
Accomplished: 27 minute run, 25 minute open water swim. I had a bike/run brick on the schedule, but when Katie and Reina wanted to go for an open water swim, I changed my plans. I love open water swimming, but going by myself is always a little nerve wracking, due to the dudebros on jet skis and Tahoe Tessie (Nessie's cousin). I even managed to get in a run before I met Katie and Reina for our swim!

Goal: 31 minute swim swim
Accomplished: 25 minute open water swim, 45 minute bike. Katie and I met up for another open water swim, and I made it into a brick with a 9 ish mile bike ride afterward. I practiced swimming and biking in my tri shorts, and I love them! Still need to try running though.

Goal: 62 minute bike
Accomplished: 20 minute run. With a Deadwinter Carpenters show on Friday at my favorite bar and a beer/bluegrass/camping wedding on Saturday, I knew there was a pretty good chance I wouldn't get any workouts in this weekend, so I squeezed in a run while my laundry was going at the laundromat. I need to multi-task like this more often.

Goal: Rest Day
Accomplished: Rode my bike to get bagels, ate bagels, ate Cheeze-its, attended an awesome wedding, danced, partied until 7 am

Goal: 31 minute run
Accomplished: Ha ha. Watched football, watched the True Blood finale, ate greasy Chinese food, ate more Cheeze-its

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Heather @ The World Through My Eyes said...

I saw that you're doing the Iron Girl tri! How exciting! Is this your first one? I just did the Iron Girl Boulder a few weeks back and had a great time--there's a recap on my blog if you haven't already seen it. Have fun!