Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Hold the phone!


Listen to this...so I'm reading along in Northwest Business Monthly, which happens to be the first annual green issue. So reading along...Sustainable Connections...SSC...ReUse Works...wait a minute! I work for ReUse Works (ReUse Works is the name of the non-profit which is supported by our business, Appliance Depot)! Headline: Don't waste these factoids...blah blah blah, my boss provided 6 bullet points of facts about recycling, waste, and reuse in the United States. A couple of months ago I did a research project about the change in recycling and waste production rates on a county, state, and nationwide level.

Two of the six 'factoids' were directly a result of my research! I am amazing! And famous!

Someone should throw me a 'extremely easy research you did was published anonymously in a regional business magazine party'.


KJW said...

Extremely Easy Research You Did Was Published Anonymously in a Regional Business Magazine Party - this Friday. There will be t-shirts and beer. I may not be able to attend.

Nicole Kristine said...

I won't be able to attend but
Ghetto Pig probably will. I have to whitewash my mail box that day.