Monday, June 9, 2008

Your marketing is wasted on me

Something I will not be purchasing from American Apparel:

High waisted shiny hot shorts.

Friends do not let friends wear these shorts.


D.I. Zzo said...

did you even TRY them on, Lynn?

flanhoodles said...

I did and I looked amazing. I just wouldn't want others to feel bad.

KJW said...

You are a crazy fool with bad taste. Who wouldn't love those?

Nicole Kristine said...

IF you're not going to buy them, does that mean that you do or do not want someone to buy them for you for your Americorps graduation?

Anonymous said...

The other day a man was yelling at me, and all the other persons on Lakeway, for being full of sin. I did learn these valuable lessons from him, "God, the Dalai Lama and that other guy all hate you! In fact, if the Dalai Lama were here, he'd kick you in the left butt cheek!"
Lynn, if you wore these, I'm certain the Dalai Lama WOULD kick you in the left butt cheek.