Thursday, August 25, 2011

Oh hey there blog

It's been awhile.

Between KJW's wedding and my work putting on our biggest event of the year (a 160+ person, 2 day conference and a 125+ item auction), I neglected both my blog and my tri training for a couple of weeks. But the conference is over, and I celebrated with too many Tecate Pluses and poor decision making.

Here's what my training looked like:
Week 11: 22 minute run, 29 minute swim, 3 hours of dancing.
Week 12: 33 minute run, 19 minute run, 2 hour bike, 15 minute ride of shame.

But this week is a new week, and I am already off to a better start. On Wednesday, I did a real brick (10 mile bike, 2 mile run) and yesterday, I ventured out for my first open water swim with Katie and Christa. We swam from Katie's office's private beach (jealous? I am.) and swam about 400 m to a pier, treaded water for awhile, swam back and then did a short loop around a moored sailboat for about 1000 m total.

Open water swimming in Lake Taco is much more difficult and choppy than Lake Padden or Davis Lake, but we survived, and I made the decision not to rent a wetsuit for the race.

Unrelated to anything, here is a picture of me and Scott, my co-wedding officiant grinding during Kelly & Drew's reception:

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