Monday, August 8, 2011

Triathlon Training - Week 10

3 posts today! Obviously, I am trying to avoid work.

Here's how triathlon training went for the week:

Goal: 19 minute swim
Accomplished: 32 minute swim

Goal: Rest
Accomplished: I rested very sucessfully

Goal: 32 minute swim, 32 minute run
Accomplished: 30 minute swim. The universe didn't want me to finish this swim, but I did! 32 run- I've finally stopped being super lazy about my runs, and forcing myself to do them. And they're not that terrible.

Goal: 51 minute bike
Accomplished: 70 minute bike- this was another ride along the triathlon route. While I haven't completed the whole thing, I've ridden the distance, and I've ridden the hardest, hilliest section. I also rode 11 miles through bike commuting this day. I usually only ride five.

Goal: Rest
Accomplished: Excellent rest day that included sushi, sake, beer and pizza.

Goal: 64 minute bike

Goal: 19 minute run, 38 minute bike
Accomplished: After the aforementioned epic hilly bike ride of death, I gave myself a well-deserved extra rest day.

I'm a little worried about training this week, as I'm flying to Seattle tomorrow for KJW & Drew's awesome wedding. I'm hoping to go for a run tonight, do a swim tomorrow, and I'll bring along my running shoes and work out clothes. And, of course, there will be hours of insanely awesome cardio in the form of dancing.

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