Friday, May 13, 2011

A Belated Three Things Thursday - Bike Edition

What was the deal with blogger yesterday?!?

1.) Amgen Tour of California starts in Tahoe this weekend. This means the town is filling up with sexy European men in tight, bright spandex.

I know that this is a little fangirl/stalkerish, but someone from Liquigas-Cannondale once stayed in my apartment. I'm considering stalking him on Twitter until I find him and force him to introduce me to his sexy Italian teammates. On a scale of 1 to this dog, how creepy is that?

2.) I've taken my trusty Cannodale on two rides in the last two days. Six months was too long to go without riding. Never again.

These were taken from the Powerline Trail yesterday. I'm trying to get in as much biking as I can since it's going to snow this weekend. Urgh.

3.) I took my new bike (!!!!!!!) to Sierra Ski & Cycleworks today so it can get built.

Just like this, but purple!

Everyone and their brother are bringing their bikes out of hibernation, so it's pretty busy. The bro at the bike shop told me that it should be done by Saturday afternoon. In Tahoe time, that's probably really Sunday morning, but whatevs, it's snowing this weekend any way. And I will be busy watching men in spandex ride around Lake Tahoe.

Any fun plans for the weekend?

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