Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Tuesday's Bulleted List

Oh, hey! I thought it was Wednesday, but it's Tuesday. So I made a bulleted list.
  • I have trouble keeping my plants alive. If they need to be watered more than twice a month, SOL. Currently, I have one live plant, one dead plant on my desk. Guess which one is the succulent.
KJW and my failed herb garden.
  • Yesterday I bench pressed with 25 pound dumbbells. I felt impressive.
  • I also kicked ass in spin class.
  • It's snowing right now.
  • I'm a subtle fake ginger right now. Inspired by my former roommate and all around kick ass person, Jennifer, and her awesome new hair, I'm thinking of kicking it up a notch. Maybe this:
  • Tomorrow at our work retreat, we are having a Rock gift exchange. It's like a White Elephant gift exchange, but only featuring rocks. Too bad my most awesome rocks are in Washington.
  • I need to go to yoga tonight. Blog world, yell at me if I do not go to yoga.
  • It is snowing here today, it is 91 degrees in Orlando. 11 days. I am so excited!

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