Thursday, May 5, 2011

How not to keep a customer

Last week I ordered I bike. I had it shipped to Dan's house in Santa Barbara, since he will build it for free, and I'm heading down there today.

I had big plans for riding my new bike, including riding Knapps for the first time.

That's not going to happen.

I realized this week that, while I had been notified that my card had been charged, I had not yet received an email telling me that my bike had shipped. So I called them yesterday, asking if they knew when my bike had shipped.

"Oh, sorry. We actually ran out of stock of that one. Sorry. I think we refunded your card. Hold on a minute." Then I was on hold for about five minutes. The guy came back on and said, "Yeah, sorry no one told you about that. We refunded your card." Then he tried to upsell me a more expensive bike. No thanks.

Oddly enough, immediately after my phone conversation, I finally got an email that informed me that the bike I ordered was not in stock and my card was refunded.

I ended up ordering the same purple GT Sanction 2.0 from Giantnerd it's not quite the good deal that the original was, but the customer service guy I talked to seemed pretty helpful.

Let's hope this bike buying go-round goes better than the first.

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