Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Brick, dumb as a (or what not to do after a low mileage month)

For a variety of reasons (moving twice, dogsitting, laziness), April was a low mileage month.
Like 23 miles of running, 27 miles of biking and some elliptical low.

May is going to be different, I decided. I'm going to get after it. After all, Tri Training is really kicking into gear (despite the fact that I haven't yet decided exactly which tri(s) I'm doing).

Definitely this one

Monday, I went to spin class and did upper body weights. I felt awesome afterwards, tired muscles burning, endorphins high, etc. So yesterday I decided to do a brick; I did 15 miles of biking, then immediately ran a 5 k at my typical running pace.

Screeeeeech! (That's supposed to be a record scratching sound.)

What was I thinking? I know that for many people, that's nothing. However, I'd only biked 30 miles total in the last month, and I hadn't run more than 2 ish miles since mid-April. Then I did core work.

I'm feeling it in my whole body today. Sore arms: check. Sore legs: double check. Sore abs: check. Sore eyes and nose: check (thanks allergies!) So I will be taking it easy tonight, with either some light spinning or elliptical-ing and maybe some lower body weights.

In other news, the new headphones I ordered, Skull Candy Full Metal Jacket Earphones in Chrome, finally came. My impression so far:

I wore them for my workout yesterday, and they fell out constantly. Like, even while I was sitting on the spin bike, I had to readjust every couple of minutes. I almost gave up running in them. Luckily, they came with 4 other rubber-ear-thingy options. I put the smallest ones on this morning, and they didn't seem to feel much more stable when I tried them on.

I'll give them another shot with the different rubber pieces before I decide whether or not to keep them. Luckily, Skull Candy has a pretty generous return policy, or so I hear. I paid $21.99 for these, I would hope that they could stay in my ears.

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