Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Back from the Ham/Seatown

My trip to Washington was great! I got to see my favorite people, dance for hours (literally) at 80s night, and enjoy nice weather, despite the fact that it was supposed to rain!

Flying into Seattle at sunset over the San Juans is one of my favorite things.

Kelly, Drew and I drove up Chuckanut to Bellingham. We saw some big ass deer.

We drank PBR in the beer garden at the World Famous Up & Up tavern.

Better Lovers reuinited!

View from Kerry Park in Queen Anne of the Seattle skyline and Mt. Rainier.

Seattle celebrated Pride Week with a rainbow flag on top of the Space Needle. I'd forgotten about the Pride Parade on Sunday, so my parents and I attempted to drive downtown. Mistake. I think driving in that traffic took several years off of my dad's life.

The flight back to Sacramento was clear and sunny once we made it out of the Seattle area.

We flew over Crater Lake!

And Mt. Shasta. At least, I'm pretty sure that's Mt. Shasta. I know it was a Cascade Range volcano south of Crater Lake, and the pictures I googled of Mt. Shasta seemed to fit.

After an entirely too long drive back from Sacramento, (damn those motorhomes towing cars that don't use the pull outs!) I am back in Tahoe. I definitely did not do any working out (other than the hours of intense 80s dancing) while I was in Washington. I'm little sad about not getting to run at Lake Padden, but I'm ready to get back into training here in Tahoe.

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