Monday, June 6, 2011

Sprained toes?

Jodi and I on Clearwater Beach in Clearwater, FL.

Unlike the above picture, we've been having not the nicest weather in Tahoe lately. Like snow. In June. So yesterday I decided to get back in the running swing of things and do a little run on the treadmill at my gym. Due to the fact that it's been about three weeks since I last ran, and I'm getting over a cold, I decided to go for a lovely run/walk pattern of run three minutes walk one, run three walk one, etc.

Did you know that the Collegiate Men's Rugby Championships are televised? I didn't, but it sure made my time on the treadmill more entertaining. About 15 minutes into my run, I was reminded of something. Painfully. While I was in Florida, I sprained two of toes on my left foot.

Probably while sprinting across Universal Studios Islands of Adventure towards Hogwarts.

They were all purple and gross and painful, but I thought that they'd healed during my post-travel/cold/horrible allergies convalescence. Apparently not. When they started hurting, I stupidly mostly ignored them, just changing to three minutes running/two minutes walking.

That was not a smart decision. Now I am hobbling around. I should probably ice my toes, but my feet are always so cold I am a little worried that my toes might literally fall off if my feet got any colder. So for now, it's just hobbling and no more running until they are not purple or sore at all.

Maybe Erin stomped on my toes when I tried to drink her butter beer.

I'm going to try spinning after work today, to see if that's ok, but if they hurt, I have promised myself that I will stop. After years of team sports and "playing through the pain", this is sometimes difficult for me to do. If my silly toes hurt to much for spin class, I will do an upper body workout instead.

In other news, I successfully changed my bike tire yesterday. It was much easier than I thought it was going to be, as I'd only changed tires on my road bike before. Yet another reason I like my mountain bike so much more!

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