Thursday, June 2, 2011

Three Things Thursday - I'm Back! Edition

I am back from a lovely extra-long weekend in Florida with my favorite people. My main souvenir was a nasty cold that has resulted in two half days at work and no working out. Boo, crowds of people!

We listened to a lot of Pitbull & Lady Gaga, drank a lot of PBR, and used a lot of sunscreen. I'll do a more detailed recap sometime in the future, but in the meantime - Here are 3 quick highlights from my trip:

1. I got to hang out with the most awesome people in the entire world.

Posing with our Butterbeer shots in the "game room" of the vacation rental we stayed in and managed not to trash.

2. I got to visit Hogwarts with my favorite people.

We even wore matching shirts. I love matching other people. Must be all of the years of team sports.

3. After days of concrete, sweating, and hordes of people, Blue Spring State Park was just what my body and soul needed.

If you're ever in central Florida, this place is worth the drive. Get there early, because there's a line to get into the park.

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