Monday, June 20, 2011

Beer + Beer + Beer + Beer = Triathlon Registration?

This weekend, as many weekend nights go, Katie and I had a few beers at Lake Tahoe Brewery...Then we had a couple more...Then we ate some honey mustard pretzels...Then we ordered pizza...Then we signed up for a triathlon...

Hold up! One of these things is not like the other!

We'd been talking for awhile about doing the Lake Tahoe Iron Girl triathlon, but hadn't actually signed up yet, or really started training. In our beer-induced-(over?)confidence haze, we decided that it was time. We were signing up!

So we forked over our credit card information, and $95 later, we were registered! Woo hoo! I used a free sprint training plan to craft us a google doc spreadsheet (We're starting week 3 of a 16 week plan from

Sunday, we began our training with a 25 minute jog at Fallen Leaf Lake. I'd never ran here before, and I'm so excited Katie introduced me. It's gorgeous, shady, and not too steep!

When it gets a little warmer (or we can borrow wetsuits) we can do some open water swims here!

I'm excited to have a training partner for a lot of reasons, but especially for the extra motivation in the morning. After literally months of promising myself (and not following through) I woke up early and went swimming in the community pool before work. Since I was meeting Katie there at 6:30 am, I had to!

We swam for about 40 minutes, which included lots of breaks. Pretty good for my first time lap swimming in about 10 months. I'm not too sore yet, I think my arms are pretty strong from lifting, but my hip flexors definitely feel weird, if not sore or painful. Maybe that's from trail running yesterday?

I'm excited to have finally committed to a triathlon to do this summer, and I'm really looking forward to having a training partner!

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