Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Early morning swim, cocktails, and a plane ride

Some of my friends from work threw an awesome cocktail party last night for the solstice. The theme was Old Hollywood and fancy attire was requested. I squeezed myself into a pink silk Betsey Johnson dress (damn silk is not forgiving- but I still think I looked pretty good), put on eyeliner and heels and went to the party.

Marion, the party hostess, introduced me to Pimms at her winter solstice party. As excited as I was about actually dressing up for the first time since moving to Lake Taco, I was most excited about the Pimms. Unfortunately, a flight the next day and a 6:30 am swim date with Katie necessitated only two Pimms and an early leave time.

My early morning swim wasn't as painfully early as I was worried about, and felt great. I did 550 m and enjoyed the sun on my back and an energy boost before work. The county rec center where I swim has a decently nice pool, but the locker room leaves something to be desired. There's not even a swimsuit dryer! Creative solution:

I'm leaving work at 4 today to drive to Sacramento and then fly to Seattle. Tomorrow, KJW and I will drive up to Bellingham where the following things will happen:
Happy Wednesday, everyone!

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