Tuesday, April 5, 2011


I went to the Banff Mountain Film Festival last night. It was held at the same venue as the Wild & Scenic Environmental Film Fest that I put on in March, and walking in I had a few stress flashbacks to that night.

Katie and I settled into one of the comfy MontBleu booths, broke out the Mirror Pond Pale Ale and trail mix we'd snuck into the theater and got ready to watch some adventure films.

It turned out that I'd already seen two of the films that showed last night, Life Cycles (which everyone who loves bicycles should see) and Into Darkness which I "screened" (And by screened, I mean listened to with my eyes shut because I am claustrophobic and caving freaks me out.) for Wild & Scenic.

My favorite movie was a five minute short called The Longest Way, a "highly entertaining time-lapse of a one-year-walk from Beijing to Urumqi. Time and distance travelled are charmingly demonstrated by the growth of a beard in this five-minute short."

Honestly, I think this was my favorite because you could track the guy getting hotter as his beard grew in, then hit a critical point where his beard was too long, and he got less cute. I made a graph:

Other notes from the Film Fest:
  • I have no interest in base jumping/wearing one of those flying squirrel outfits and jumping off of high things.
  • I would waaaaaay rather go base jumping than go caving. And I really like interesting rocks.
  • I don't think there were any women as main characters in any of the films. Boo, Banff.
  • The guy who puts on Lake Tahoe Banff is named Squirrel

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