Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Save my money? That's just silly!

My tax refund came this week...that means one thing! It's time to buy a new bike.

While I love my Sobe colored-Cannondale hardtail,

I am sick of borrowing Dan's bikes when I want to ride something full suspension. Plus, he is 6'7". His bikes don't exactly fit me.

Shopping for bikes is so fun! Here are some top contenders:
GT Sanction 2.0: This is an older model, and I found a really good deal on this bike. Also, Dan has this bike, and I've ridden it quite a few times, so I have a pretty good idea of the feel. At least the feel of it a size or so too big.

Transition Covert: I've ridden this bike around a little (thanks cute scruffy guy from Alki Bike & Board in West Seattle!) and I really like the feel of it. It's definitely more expensive than the Sanction, but the company is based in Ferndale. I love supporting local businesses, though I guess Ferndale isn't technically local to me anymore. Plus, it comes in orange! (picture from here)

Banshee Spitfire: Dan has this bike as well (Does Dan have too many bikes? Possibly.) and I've ridden it both at Northstar andand around Santa Barbara. I like it a lot, and Dan can use his shady business dealings to get me a really good deal on one. (picture from here)

Anyone have any advice? Absolutely hate one of the bikes I'm considering? Any other suggestions?

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