Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Life's a beach

It was a beautiful day in Tahoe yesterday, so I took my dog-bff Lassen to Camp Rich for a walk on the beach. I hadn't been there since Katie and I had gone cross country skiing there, and there has been quite a change since then.

There's a beach!

Lassen enjoyed snarfelling the sand. A few times he snarfelled up too much sand and then sneezed sand all over my legs. Gross.

My socks do not match. Oh, well.

Spring must be here; boats are starting to appear on the lake.

There was a giant fallen tree. I made Lassen pose artfully in front of it, staring off into the distance. He was probably staring at some ducks.

Spring may be here, but there is still plenty of snow in the mountains!

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