Saturday, April 2, 2011

Escaping the Wilderness

I left Lake Taco today for the bright lights, big city action of Reno.

Reno? You may ask. Reno has many attractions, but today I was focused on two: REI and Trader Joes.

It's that exciting time of year where my dividend has arrived, and members get 20% off of a regular priced item, so Katie and I hopped in Strawberry and headed to the Biggest Little City in the World. I wasn't exactly sure what I was looking for (dangerous!), but I definitely ended up finding stuff to buy.

While I had been considering buying a Jet Boil, a similar stove popped up for $23 on Steep & Cheap this week, which I impulse purchased at work, so I ended up using my 20% off discount for some stove accessories for camping this summer.

And because I just don't fit in when I'm back in the PNW without them, I finally broke down and bought a pair of Keens. Half off!

In an acknowledgement to the fact that winter isn't actually over in Lake Taco, I got some adorable new boots. My grey suede Simple boots that I wear nearly every day (when I'm not wearing snowboots) are starting to look pretty haggard. It's time to give them a break. These boots were also half off.

We moved on to Trader Joes, where I haven't been in five months. Apparently Trader Joes deprivation = Trader Joes spending spree. I bought way too many things to tell you about all of them. Just picture all of the things in Trader Joes; I bought about 1/3 of them. Katie bought an entire box of Two Buck Chuck.

It's a gorgeous evening here in the Wilderness, and as I have less than two weeks left to enjoy the stellar view of Lake Taco out my front window, I think I'm going to drink some coffee on my deck and watch the sunset. I love living in a place so awesome that people come on vacation here. It's really amazing when I think about it.

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