Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A run around my neighborhood

It's snowing (snowing!) outside right now.

Yesterday, however, was a perfectly lovely day, and I took a run around my neighborhood (well, my neighborhood until tomorrow), with my camera. I found my camera charger! One nice thing about moving is that you find stuff you thought was long gone. I found my camera charger, two pairs of sunglasses, and a sweater dress!
I usually do a loop around part of my neighborhood that's about 2 miles, and then run along the bike path, out and back for a total of ~3.5 miles. I absolutely love this neighborhood, and hopefully will be moving back here in May, when I am done house sitting. Allison and I found an awesome place about a block away from where I currently live, but sadly, not on the Lake Taco side.

Here's the running tour of my neighborhood:

The Sierra and an old fashioned fence.

The snow has been melting, and the "meadow" is more of a swamp.

Upper Truckee Marsh. I saw a huge coyote here the other day!

This house has a sign on it that says "Luxury Living at It's Finest".
It makes me laugh every time I see it.

There's still a lot of snow.

Old fashioned boathouse on Lake Taco.

I love this neighborhood, and I think I'll keep running here, even if I end up living somewhere else.

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