Wednesday, April 6, 2011

March Totals

Bike: 101.5 miles, down from 164- It's obvious I've been skipping spin class lately, isn't it? After being cooped up inside all winter, it's so hard to go to an indoor class now that it's been nice out, so I've been running outside. It's not quite nice enough to bike outside yet, since the trails are still under about 2 feet of snow, at minimum. But if I want to be in good enough shape to really enjoy them when summer comes, I'd better get reacquainted with the spin bike.

Run: 29.3 miles- up from 26.1- At least 10 of these miles were done outside! Yay! Giving up on the American River Half and backing off of the running has been good for me, I think; other than the random knee pain I had yesterday while spinning my knee hasn't really been bothering me. I'm still having issues with blisters on my arch. Any suggestions?

Other: 29.7- This includes fun things like snowboarding and cross country skiing, and less fun things like the elliptical.

Weights: 35,145 pounds lifted! I calculated this by multiplying: number of sets x number of reps x pounds and adding them all together. Yes, this means I track all of the weight I lift. It helps me make sure that I'm progressing at a reasonable rate and actually increase the weight I'm lifting. Plus, it's fun to figure out exactly how much weight you're lifting. It adds up pretty fast!

Goals for April:
  1. Go swimming!
  2. Ride my bike outside
  3. Lift weights twice a week (50,000 pounds maybe?)
  4. Spend less money
  5. Find a place to live
  6. Get my back fixed and improve my asthma
I'm addressing two of these goals immediately. I have a chiropractor appointment this afternoon, and my parents are visiting, so my mom and I will be going swimming this weekend. Since it's supposed to snow tonight/tomorrow, I better enjoy this sunshine while it lasts!

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