Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Things to do when the weather sucks:

1. Go outside anyway. As a born and bred PNW-er, there are not many outdoor activities that I haven't done in the rain. Running, biking, swimming, kayaking, beach volleyball, hiking, camping...I've done all of them in the rain. In fact, I'm pretty confident that 80% of the times I've been camping, it's poured rain at least one of the nights.

Raining so hard in NorCal that this picture turned out blury.

Rainy hike in Hawaii.

It rained so hard the tent fell over in the middle of the night!

2. Watch awesome things on Netflix Instant. Specifically this- Nature: Wolverine: Chasing the Phantom. Ridiculous name, awesome movie. You won't regret watching this nature documentary, unless you hate awesome things. You may regret not being born a wolverine, though. Other awesome things on Netflix Instant: 30 Rock, Veronica Mars, and Dexter.

3. Plan your next trip. Either for realsies, or a dream trip. I've google mapped my route for "National Parks of the American Southwest" several times, as well as the timeline for my next trip to Santa Barbara.

A little of this...

A little of that.

3. Go beer tasting. Most reasonable size cities have at least one brewery. Fact: my home town has one, and also a population of 600. Go to a brewery and get the sampler. If the brewery is super small, they might give you a tour and explain everything you ever wanted to know about brewing. Fact: this will happen if you visit Golden Hills Brewing Company, and you will also be quite likely to run into my dad. Try the Ben's Brown.

Beer from Seabright Brewery in Santa Cruz, California from KJW and my California-to-Washington-Brewery-Camping-Road-Trip.

4. Go to the gym, work out your glams. Well, work out all of your muscles. You'll need them when the weather starts getting nice. When I was 15, I could squat 235 pounds. Now I can squat much less. But I am working on it

5. Write in your blog. Some certain people don't update your blogs enough! Start.

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