Thursday, March 27, 2008 I come*

* The title was a reference to the song 'California' by Phantom Planet. Not to be a music snob or anything (because I'm not) but I totally liked them before The OC (Not that there's anything wrong with liking the first season and a half of The OC, because I do).

Early on Saturday morning, I, along with my parents (assuming that they can get over from eastern Washington, the land of the freak snow) will be heading south to Santa Barbara, California. I will be visiting UC Santa Barbara, where I will most likely be attending grad school. To make other people jealous, here is a picture of the UC Santa Barbara (technicallly located in Goleta, CA) campus:

Since I will be visiting with my parents, they will hopefully pay for a lot of things. This will be especially useful, as I have no money, because I bought tickets to Hawaii and I have yet to recieve my tax refund. This would be a good time to request souveniers (Nicole).

This is what I will look like after some time in California:

This is what Kelly will look like after some time in Norway:


KJW said...

The leader singer from Phantom Planet, Alex Greenwald, was in those adorable, old GAP commercials. I fell in love with his good looks, and when I saw a one-page bio about him in Seventeen, I tore it out and hung it on my shelf. My brother tried to convince me that Alex Greenwald was gay because he said he liked walks on the beach. Cadav.

Anyway, now he grew his hair out and I wouldn't hang his picture anywhere.

Secondly, this post made me guffaw. Really. Imagine a guffaw, and that is exactly what I did.

Lindsay said...

Ahahahah!! I love it!! I am jealous of your trip to CA! How long will you be gone for? If you go to UCSB I will definitely be paying you a visit, now that I've seen what campus looks like...