Friday, March 7, 2008

The Story of Stuff

Yesterday, I went to a Sustainable Connections monthly member luncheon. Sustainable Connections is a phenomenal organization in Bellingham that promotes local, sustainable business. They're the ones responisble for all of the 'Buy Local' paraphenalia that you see around town. If I decide to grad school in Bellingham, Sustainable Connections is about 60% of the reason why. Bellingham is a national model of sustainable, locally-based economy, and, as that is the kind of business I want to go in to, it seems reasonable to want to stick around.

Anyway, at the monthly membership luncheon, we watched a short film called 'The Story of Stuff'. I really think everyone should watch it. Now, I am not suggesting that everyone should become freegans, but I am pro-conscious consumerism.

You can watch the whole thing (it's about 20 minutes long) on her website

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Nicole Kristine said...

HAHAHAHAHA. This is my favorite definition of "Freegan"

Freegan = Free+Vegan
People too cheap to buy their own food, so they dumpster dive at grocery stores every morning.

Chuck is a freegan, and that makes him smell like garbage.