Sunday, March 2, 2008

This weekend

While there were other ways I would have preferred to spend my weekend, it could have been worse. Here are some things I enjoyed about my weekend:

1. There was an abundance of attractive men with manly professions like 'carpenter' and 'builder' and 'hot tub installer' wandering around.

2. My boss said I didn't have to come in until 2 on Saturday, and then called and made me come in at 12:30. Oh, wait. That was something I didn't enjoy about my weekend.

3. On Saturday night, I went out with a group of extremely fun ladies. At the Royal, we pretended that it was Courtney's bachelorette party and dedicated a song to her. Then I had french fries.

4. I just had a bean, cheese, and rice burrito from Diego's, and it was the best BCR I have ever had.

5. Only two more hours and the show is over!

6. A seven year old boy told me a story about when his mom accidently put the phone in the washing machine. It was hillarious.

7. Awhile ago, I purchased Cruel Intentions (an example of film making at its finest) on VHS. I watched it on Saturday night, and, as I couldn't find the remote, I watched all of the previews. I must have been feeling particularly impressionable because the trailers convinced me I needed to watch Idle Hands.

8. My roommate called from Vegas because she saw Flava Flav playing craps. She is on the lookout for Bret Michaels.

Side note: Last weekend, I accidently went to a party with a stripper pole, and now I have a lot more respect for Tila Tequila. It takes a lot of upper body strength to hold onto a stripper pole.

9. I worked an extra 21 hours this weekend. This will be useful in April, when I am in Hawaii instead of at work. Woo! Hawaii!

10. I sent in my applications to Notre Dame and Seattle U. Four down, two to go. Plus, I got into Western. I'm now 2 for 3 on my attempts to get into Western. I hear from Notre Dame and UC Santa Barbara this week. Keep your fingers crossed. Not that I really want to move to Indiana. I checked weather, and it was like seven degrees below zero.

11. The Penguin Windows booth is just down the aisle from me, and the people working there have to wear tuxedos. I don't have to wear a tuxedo.

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KJW said...

How long are those grad school programs? Would you finish in time to move to Hawaii with Jodi and I? Do you think Jodi remembers agreeing to move to Hawaii with me?

I ate store brand Oreos the other day. They were called Tuxedos. It's like I was eating your booth neighbors.