Monday, March 3, 2008

Why you should always read the fine print

As the Community Outreach Coordinator for a local nonprofit organization, part of my job is to research local events in which we could participate. While performing this task, I came accross Lynden's Holland Days which "celebrate Lynden's Dutch heritage." This events attracts hundreds of people, many of whom are probably in need of an affordable, quality used appliance. I sent along the vendor application to my boss, and encouraged our appearance. He sent me back a copy of the submitted application form with a note that read, "Looks like a great opportunity. Did you notice that you'll have to dress Dutch?" I went back and read over the rules and regulations (events in Lynden always have many rules and regulations), and, sure enough, one of the points was "vendors are strongly encouraged to dress in traditional Dutch costume." Oh, well. It gives me an excuse to buy those wooden shoes I have been wanting.


Lindsay said...

ahhahahha! Take pictures!

KJW said...

Dress up as a windmill! WINDMILL! Or a dike. Hahahaha... get it? Because it's Holland?

Nicole Kristine said...

1) I don't get Kelly's dike comment.

2) Maybe you could be a wooden shoe. A giant wooden shoe. And your face could be at the part where the foot goes in. Can you picture it? I can. Lynn the giant wooden shoe.

3) Do you want help creating your costume?

4) I want you to know that I will videotape you and then post it on youtube to music.