Friday, March 14, 2008


I got wait listed by Notre Dame. It wasn't even one of my original choices in the first place, and I'm not sure I would have gone there had I gotten in, but now that I had the chance to go there, I'm disappointed that I didn't get it. Whatever, I'm going to look on the brightside... Woo! I got into UC Santa Barbara! Woo! BOOK CLUB TOMORROW! Woo! I went to 80s night and Jodi said many hilarious things, including:

Jodi: Fuck you, middle schoolers!

Jodi: I'm going to take her short sweater, and wrap it around her head so you can't see her face. (Note: Jodi hates short sweaters.)

Jodi: I'm going to pretend that I made out with him because he reminds me of the crab man from "My Name is Earl".

Jodi: You can tell she doesn't have a good personality because of the way she dances to 80s music. 'Hello. I'm dancing to 80s music inside of a box.'


KJW said...

1. I'm sorry. Jesuits are crazy.

2. Jodi makes me laugh and laugh and laugh.

Lindsay said...

Jodi is Hilaaarrios!!! I love drunken Lynn or Jodi quotes