Friday, March 28, 2008

Stop being a Consumer...

... and become a producer or a decomposer.*

"Congregation of the Church of the Holy Organic, let us scrub our sins away with Seventh Generation cleaning products. Let us go ahead and bite into the locally grown apple, and let us replace our incandescent light bulbs with those dreadfully expensive fluorescents.

But yea, though we walk through the valley of the luxury organic, let us purchase no imported Sherpa car seat covers. Let us use the old one, even though it is ugly, because our toddler will spill Pom juice on the organic one just as quickly as on the hand-me-down.


Community Outreach Coordinator
ReUse Works
"Buy local. Buy used. Save money. Save the planet."

* Did anyone get my biology joke?


Nicole Kristine said...

That was a very nice little sermon. I enjoyed especially the part about the toddler spilling the Pom juice. hahaha.

Lindsay said...

Hahahah!! I like the sermon. We should get coffee or a beer when you get back from CA