Thursday, March 13, 2008


First off, I love sea mammals. I love whales and dolphins the best, but all sea mammals are pretty great.

So I'm sitting at the Woods Coffee at Boulevard "working" on my laptop (ie looking for the best price tickets to Santa Barbara) staring out the window at the bay, and I see some movement in the water. At first I think it is just a duck diving and surfacing, but the movement seems odd for a duck. I continue watching, and a head pops out of the water. A seal head! A seal, swimming in Bellingham Bay! It dives under, pops back up again, and looks around for awhile with an expression like, "Where the hell am I and what am I doing here?" It submerged and must have swam away. Goodbye, my seal friend! Tell a whale to come visit!

Side note: My mom just called me, and apparently my parents are so glad that I actually got into grad school that they are paying for my ticket to Santa Barbara. Sweet! I am going March 28-31 if anyone wants to go. Kelly: If I decide to go there (most likely) I will be going again to look at housing, check out the nightlife without my parents etc., so we can go. However, if you would like to go with my mom and I, you are totally welcome to do so. My mom will probably buy us meals and stay in a nice motel. Anyone else who would like to go to Santa Barbara with my mom and I is also invited.


Nicole Kristine said...

1) SANTA BARBARA IS STUPID. What the hell is the "most likely" comment? Do you know who is in Santa Barbara? No one. Except theives and sand and rude people.

2) I want to see a seal!

KJW said...

1. Freshman year, Kris was running along the trail by the water and a seal came up next to hear and was all like, "Heeeeey Kris!" except in the barky seal voice.

2. Boooo to March 28-31st, for I have class on the 31st. Yaaaaaay to going again. That will be good. The last time I "checked out the nightlife" in California, I... well, I'm not going to put it out here for the whole world to see. But you should know that "Karma Chameleon" always makes me think of Arcata, CA.