Tuesday, March 22, 2011

You Know You Live in a Ski Town When...

On Sunday I rented cross country skis for my little jaunt through the meadow, and on Monday morning I attempted to return them. The shop was closed.

Not the most flattering photo, but a nice view of the onsie.

I figured that the bro working the morning shift had probably just slept in, so I returned at noon to try again. Still not open.

Katie did awesome her first time ever cross country skiing!

Hmmm...I know they're supposed to be open today. But, if they're not, two days of skiing for the price of one! I gave them a call at 4:30...still no one there. So I g-chatted Katie, and we made plans: cross country skiing after work.

We headed to Camp Rich with just a couple of hours of daylight (don't worry, we packed our headlamps just in case) and set off along Lake Taco. Skiing along the lake is always gorgeous, but yesterday evening was the most beautiful I have ever seen it. Usually Lake Taco fades from aqua to dark blue, but last night, between the clouds and the sunset and the patches of blue sky, the lake was a soft blue with patches of gold.

It was gorgeous, and there were no other people around, and basically everything I love about cross country skiing wrapped up in one perfect day.

Poor quality cell phone pics still capture some of the beauty of the evening.

After two days of xc skiing, I am sore! My core is so tired that I kind of just want to flop on the floor of my office and work from there. My boss is gone today....

I called the rental place again this morning, and they were finally open. When I went to return the skis, this is the conversation I had.

Lynn: I tried to return these yesterday, but you guys weren't open.
Bro: Powder day, brah. I was shredding.

Ah, life in a ski town.

And I'll leave you with one more picture...Katie and I living the Tahoe Fabulous Lifestyle, in the Lakeland Village hot tub with a bottle of champagne from the Gross Out:

(Not pictured: 2 German dudes, one in a fuzzy Viking helmet that were also hot tub poaching that night.)

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