Monday, July 18, 2011

Awesome bike ride!

On Friday afternoon, I took advantage of a slower day and having arrived at 8 am, and left work at four. I planned ahead and had my bike and all of my gear in Strawberry, so I could leave right from work.

I headed out towards Meyers and Corral Trail yet again, but this time I was determined to ride the top part of Corral (I'd previously done Sidewinder from the trail head until it met up with Corral about halfway down).

While the 1100 feet of elevation gain in 2 miles is never what I would call fun, I had my most successful ride up it so far. The other times I'd ridden my Sanction (as opposed to my much lighter hardtail, I'd had to get off and push for awhile on three steep sections. This time I only had to push twice! Woo hoo! Baby steps. I also made it up in about a half an hour, a speed record on this bike.

High on my successful uphill push, I headed down the Corral branch of the trail for the first time. Corral Trail was rated a "black" for difficulty, which is harder than I usually do.

But I pushed through, and I rode my first rock garden! In fact, I rode 4 of them! I was so excited that I had to take a picture of one of them.

I definitely had to walk some sections further down on the trail, but between successfully tackling those rock gardens, most of a more difficult trail, and the climb up, this is how I felt about the ride.

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