Friday, July 22, 2011

Trail Brick and yet another bike

The last bike in my bike flock finally arrived and is all put together:

My road bike, stylish and triathlon ready. Now I just have to remember how to use clip on pedals and ride a road bike.

My complete bike flock, in my messy room.

Instead of taking my newly put together road bike out for a spin, I decided to do a Trail Brick. I drove my mountain bike up to the trailhead of Powerline Trail and rode for about 40 minutes.

Last time I rode Powerline, this bridge was submerged by a few inches of water, and I got wet feet crossing it.

I guess the water levels are finally going down. Maybe we'll actually have beaches sometime this summer. The "beach" by my house is just water up to the concrete barrier at this point.

While Powerline Trail has gorgeous views of Desolation Wilderness, it's not my favorite mountain bike trail to ride, which I never seem to remember until I am actually riding on it.

I stowed my bike back in my car, and headed out on a trail run. This was my first time running with my hydration pack. Since I only ran/hiked for about 40 minutes, I didn't really need it, but I had forgotten another way to store my car keys. Once I got the straps adjusted right, running with the pack wasn't too bad at all.

My legs definitely felt like bricks for the first 8 or so minutes of my run. I ran for about 25 minutes, with a couple of walking breaks. Then I walked back to my car for a nice cool down. I timed it perfectly- it wasn't too hot during the run, but I made it out of the woods before the mosquitoes got bad.

My new running shoes arrived, and, while I've walked around in them some, this was the first run I did. They're Saucony Kinvaras and they're definitely more minimalist than my previous shoes. I'm hoping that by strengthening my muscles instead of relying on insoles and cushion-y shoes, I can build up to higher mileage than I've been able to do in the past. Also, they are caution sign yellow-green, which I love.

I got so excited when I finished and saw that someone had left behind a free post-workout beverage for me to enjoy.

Unfortunately, it was a trick, and the PBR can was empty, despite looking unopened, and I had to stick with water, sadly.

All in all, it was a great first brick of my training season!

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Bec said...

Lynn, have you read Born to Run? It's all about minimalist long-distance running. Love it.