Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Last week in review

Here's how triathlon training went for the week:

Goal: 16 minute swim, 28 minute bike
Accomplished: Neither (oops...but it was the 4th of July. I floated on the aforementioned floatie)

Goal: 26 minute swim, 45 minute bike
Accomplished: 35 minute swim in the morning, 9 mile bike ride in the evening

Goal: 16 minute run, weights
Accomplished: 65 minute mountain bike ride on my Sanction, which is so heavy it is kind of like lifting weights.

Goal: 53 minute bike ride
Accomplished: 10 mile bike ride, 35 minute swim

Goal: Rest day
Accomplished: "open water swim"

Goal: 26 minute run
Accomplished: Laundry, napping

I feel pretty good about last week, other than the fact that I didn't run at all. I enjoy biking and swimming so much more that it's difficult to get myself to run. I am off to a good start this week, as I went for a trail run yesterday with Katie and my roommate Allison. We pushed each other, and it was a perfect night for a run, other than the mosquito swarms.

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