Monday, July 18, 2011

Triathlon Training - Week 7

Here's how triathlon training went for the week:

Goal: 17 minute swim, 35 minute bike
Accomplished: 25 minute run. The pool was closed due to "clarity issues". I went on a 25 minute trail run instead.

Goal: Rest/Yoga
Accomplished: Yoga. Apparently my gym did switch yoga instructors on Tuesday nights. I really like the woman who teaches now, but the class is definitely more of a workout than the previous version.

Goal: 29 minute swim, 46 minute bike
Accomplished: 35 minute swim in the morning, I missed out on my evening bike ride due to a work event, where I had to bird watch and get chased by mosquitoes.

Goal: 17 minute run, weights
Accomplished: 21 minute run, and I lifted weights! For the first time in forever! I busted out a speedy workout between work and Tour de France watching/stuffing bread and cheese in my face.

Goal: 58 minute bike ride
Accomplished: 35 minute swim in the morning to make up for Monday's missed swim. After work, I went on an awesome mountain bike ride, that will probably be it's own post later.

Goal: Rest day
Accomplished: Bruce Springsteen party and hanging out in the Pearl Izumi factory store for way too long.

Goal: 26 minute run
Accomplished: hangover, Cheez-It eating, True Blood watching

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