Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Scenes from this weekend

I hope everyone had a great weekend!

Mine consisted of a lot of sun, Sweet Tea Vodka, biking, beer, too many tourists, and swimming in Lake Taco.

I finally took my new full suspension bike onto Corral/Sidewinder trail. It's definitely noticeably heavier for the 2 mile ride up to the trail head.

Halfway up!

I'm excited to finally be at the top. I had to get off and push uphill twice with my heavier bike.

The view towards the end of Corral Trail

The very end of the trail, before it intersects with a gravel road that dumps you back at the parking area.

Enjoying beers in the sun at the new outdoor bar at MacDuff's.

My sweet 4th of July outfit

Katie's awesome outfit.

We are so serious about our patriotism.

Katie works in a building with a private beach and balcony overlooking the lake, (My office looks at a trailer park and a dumpster. I am so jealous.) so we headed there for 4th of July festivities. I spent a lot of time on a floatie in Lake Taco, drinking my beer, only coming to shore to eat more Smart Food. Eventually, more of Katie's coworkers and friends showed up, and we had a nice little beach party going on. Eventually, we moved inside and watched one of "the top 5 fireworks shows in the US" from their office balcony. I don't know who votes on the top fireworks shows in the nation, but the Lake Tahoe one was pretty impressive.

Then I walked home and laughed at all the cars stuck in the horrible traffic along Hwy 50.

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